Why Online Retailers Choose Shopify Plus


Shopify Plus Platform is an eCommerce platform that allows a user to hand over certain aspects of their business (those that can be handled electronically) over to the host and focus on other important aspects of their business the Plus extension comes in when the user begins selling thousands of products per day or similar situations). Shopify is extremely easy to use; the platform has an interface that is intuitive to the user’s needs and is lightening fast. Their ability to integrate Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter as marketing tools was genius and drives traffic directly to the user’s online store.

The site is well-taken care of with up-to-date features and options for customization of the online store. This is appealing to those who need their online store to be modern, user-friendly, and attractive to the eye. The platform offers users a 14 day free trial and 24 hour support. When the trial expires, there are multiple plans to choose from to continue selling on the platform, the cheapest of which is a starter plan for only $14 a month, the most expensive, $179 a month. Each plan offers differing features, but all of them provide secure checkout, unlimited products (except the starter plan), and fraud analysis tools, and (this is especially important) no transaction fees.

Shopify has gone to great lengths to ensure that the user will become successful, especially by creating the app store. This store has (what seems to be) unlimited amount of add-ons for sales-increasing features (such as email marketing). While the platform immediately provides access to over 100 templates for design, these features make the customization options of your store endless. Many of these add-ons are free, but some are a one-tine purchase or are based off of transaction fees. It’s important to read through the options and budget these extra expenses accordingly, depending on the online store’s needs. If you don’t want to take on the task of setting up your own store, Shopify offers a comprehensive list of expert partners (such as Huemor) to help successfully establish your website online.

Shopify allows the user to accept over 70 forms of payment, making selling quick and convenient. The platform offers advanced analytics to keep a close eye on the progression of business. This platform is user-friendly with a beautiful and clean layout. Be sure to compare differing features according to your needs, and Shopify should be an excellent platform for you.