What To Do With Your Old iPhone

Old PhoneToday, I’m returning to write on this ol’ blog of mine. I’ve been away awhile, but I’m back now and it’s a good as time as any. For those of you not in the know, Apple is apparently going to release the iPhone 7 in September. As excited as I am, I am a little disappointed by the timing. I bought a 6s only a couple months ago, and it felt pretty wasteful once I learned that the 7 is right around the corner. That doesn’t mean I’m refraining from buying the iPhone 7, of course. It just means that I need a way to get a decent return on my 6s. This process prompted me to open up this blog and write again: what exactly should you do with your old phone?

In case you were wondering, there’s a better option than simply throwing it away after you upgrade: you can sell it online and make a decent chunk of change. GoodCellas is one example of a company where you can sell used phones. The process typically goes like this:

After checking out the company’s website (whether it is GoodCellas or somewhere else) there are a few steps that you need to go through. Typically, that involves answering some basic information about your phone, like its condition, year and model. Then, you’ll send it in. After the old phone is confirmed to be working, you’ll get your payday. The value is pretty considerable too; it’s not uncommon for phones to resell for a few hundred bucks, depending on the condition and model.

Processes like this are actually super helpful in saving money when you move from one smart device to the next. Just be sure you follow instructions and heed warranties, or that could cause complications down the line. Here’s an article from last year that talks about some additional precautions you should take before you sell your old phone.

Ultimately, if you’re not necessarily looking for the next new thing, companies like GoodCellas are also good spots to save money because they offer refurbished phones at prices that are often cheaper than retail. In case you weren’t aware already, the video below is a nice roundup of iPhone 7 rumors, if that’s the kind of thing that interests you.