What To Do With Your Old iPhone

Old PhoneToday, I’m returning to write on this ol’ blog of mine. I’ve been away awhile, but I’m back now and it’s a good as time as any. For those of you not in the know, Apple is apparently going to release the iPhone 7 in September. As excited as I am, I am a little disappointed by the timing. I bought a 6s only a couple months ago, and it felt pretty wasteful once I learned that the 7 is right around the corner. That doesn’t mean I’m refraining from buying the iPhone 7, of course. It just means that I need a way to get a decent return on my 6s. This process prompted me to open up this blog and write again: what exactly should you do with your old phone?

In case you were wondering, there’s a better option than simply throwing it away after you upgrade: you can sell it online and make a decent chunk of change. GoodCellas is one example of a company where you can sell used phones. The process typically goes like this:

After checking out the company’s website (whether it is GoodCellas or somewhere else) there are a few steps that you need to go through. Typically, that involves answering some basic information about your phone, like its condition, year and model. Then, you’ll send it in. After the old phone is confirmed to be working, you’ll get your payday. The value is pretty considerable too; it’s not uncommon for phones to resell for a few hundred bucks, depending on the condition and model.

Processes like this are actually super helpful in saving money when you move from one smart device to the next. Just be sure you follow instructions and heed warranties, or that could cause complications down the line. Here’s an article from last year that talks about some additional precautions you should take before you sell your old phone.

Ultimately, if you’re not necessarily looking for the next new thing, companies like GoodCellas are also good spots to save money because they offer refurbished phones at prices that are often cheaper than retail. In case you weren’t aware already, the video below is a nice roundup of iPhone 7 rumors, if that’s the kind of thing that interests you.

Why Online Retailers Choose Shopify Plus


Shopify Plus Platform is an eCommerce platform that allows a user to hand over certain aspects of their business (those that can be handled electronically) over to the host and focus on other important aspects of their business the Plus extension comes in when the user begins selling thousands of products per day or similar situations). Shopify is extremely easy to use; the platform has an interface that is intuitive to the user’s needs and is lightening fast. Their ability to integrate Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter as marketing tools was genius and drives traffic directly to the user’s online store.

The site is well-taken care of with up-to-date features and options for customization of the online store. This is appealing to those who need their online store to be modern, user-friendly, and attractive to the eye. The platform offers users a 14 day free trial and 24 hour support. When the trial expires, there are multiple plans to choose from to continue selling on the platform, the cheapest of which is a starter plan for only $14 a month, the most expensive, $179 a month. Each plan offers differing features, but all of them provide secure checkout, unlimited products (except the starter plan), and fraud analysis tools, and (this is especially important) no transaction fees.

Shopify has gone to great lengths to ensure that the user will become successful, especially by creating the app store. This store has (what seems to be) unlimited amount of add-ons for sales-increasing features (such as email marketing). While the platform immediately provides access to over 100 templates for design, these features make the customization options of your store endless. Many of these add-ons are free, but some are a one-tine purchase or are based off of transaction fees. It’s important to read through the options and budget these extra expenses accordingly, depending on the online store’s needs. If you don’t want to take on the task of setting up your own store, Shopify offers a comprehensive list of expert partners (such as Huemor) to help successfully establish your website online.

Shopify allows the user to accept over 70 forms of payment, making selling quick and convenient. The platform offers advanced analytics to keep a close eye on the progression of business. This platform is user-friendly with a beautiful and clean layout. Be sure to compare differing features according to your needs, and Shopify should be an excellent platform for you.

Why You Should Use BigCommerce For Your Next Ecommerce

Why BigCommerce?

BigCommerce is really a cloud-based retail platform that allows company proprietors to setup a great internet commerce shop. The exact software is highly scored amongst consumers as well as it has excellent client care and phone information for your organization. BigCommerce is highly reputable amid consumers furthermore possess a big total of retailers attaining quick success close to the program.

Your webpage is usually pretty easy to make use of and also offers a new 15-day totally free trial offer offer without private details needed outside of the regular: name, e mail, telephone number. BigCommerce’s layout is without a doubt modern and clean, and offers the consumer getting a new straight-forward experience. These characteristics and links along with other Webpages are incredibly beautifully displayed, distinguishable, along with useful towards the end user. The user interface can be highly user-friendly and also this brought visit via the dash board is handy enough to help noticeable up any residual end user issues. When the steps usually are completed close to this dashboard’s Obtaining Began page, it’s incredibly quick so that you can create a new shop in a practically zero time for any really cost effective price.

A single extra benefit because of the software could be your very useful features that include any bought package, like the capability to sell on social networking, rankings and reviews, and limitless storage and bandwidth. BigCommerce provides numerous add-ons that may be bought individually, each wishing to boost while increasing sales for that user. Together with over 200 add-ons, they provide 1000’s of the way to personalize the ecommerce website development including page styles and finish control of page design. BigCommerce offers advanced statistics with a few packages and it is simple for the consumer to gain access to and evaluate.

BigCommerce certainly has eCommerce flourishing and keeps growing through the years. It’s easy to understand why. The website is definitely sailed, comes with an limitless quantity of storage, and offers painless customer care for that user. Don’t hesitate to obtain your ft wet in eCommerce with this particular platform. They have been made to train the consumer how you can be effective.